Setting KPIs to Drive a High Performing Aesthetics Team

“The purpose is not to have a rockstar, it’s to have a rockstar band.” ~ Suzie Hoitink

Unlock the full potential of your clinic through the power of key performance indicators (KPIs) and guide your team towards success!

Join host, Suzie Hoitink in this enlightening course where she will delve into the world of KPIs, learning how to set, measure, and leverage these powerful tools to foster a high-performing team.

Discover the essence of KPIs and their role in developing exceptional leadership qualities, team synergy, and structured Performance Management Programs. Uncover the secrets behind reducing key person dependency, boosting productivity, enhancing retention rates, and ultimately, elevating your clinic into a profitable and saleable asset.

At the heart of every successful clinic lies a competent and culturally aligned team. Through insightful discussions on metrics, benchmarking, and aligning KPIs with your business goals, you'll gain the knowledge needed to propel your clinic towards excellence.

Remember, every position within your organisation plays a crucial role in achieving success, making individual KPIs the cornerstone of a thriving and sustainable clinic.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your clinic into a success by mastering the art of setting and utilising KPIs effectively. Enrol now and let's embark on a journey towards creating a high-performing team that paves the way for lasting prosperity!


Presenter: Suzie Hoitink

Time: this training runs for approximately 55 minutes

Availability: on demand

Price: $499 + GST

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